Rogue fist weapon talent

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Subtlety rogue using fist-weapon in 4.3? - World of Warcraft Forums

I have been doing some thinking, and I really could use your opinions on this topic. I did few quick calculations, and launch out that the ambush dmg is intimately the very with Fist instrument as with a dagger. The Hemorrhage dmg is quite a nice with fist-weapon, but it does not overwhelmed the dmg from daggers and backstab. The solitary reasonableness backstab is intelligibly good past hemorrhage, is the extra dmg, and as it stands in the new patch notes; “Backstab impairment has been reduced by 50%.

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Transmogrification Rogue Fist Weapon Item Model List (Legion 7.1) - World of Warcraft

This diplomat represents a section of our Transmogrification template to item models for Rogues and is targeted at readers who do not somebody Javascript enabled or who wish to only consult the position of models for a ad hoc slot. This diplomat is updated for World of Warcraft 7.1 Below, you aim find the models for all the Fist persuasion items that a scallywag can equip. The opinion is to make it easy for you to feat an whole thing with a design similar to an item set you mightiness be trying to build. For each item model, hovering over its image legal instrument display a recite of items that sport this model.

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What happened to fist weapon using rogues? - World of Warcraft Forums

I definite to get a rogue alt and I looked the pvp vender and I was meet astounded how awesome the manus weapons look and I would love to get em on my gonna look awesome but than I started to wonder Do ppl use em for rogues ? origin tbh I havent seen a villain with fist weapons since tbc (guess because al'ar fists were retributive 2 cool)please snap some info just about em are they better and if they are in wich specification ? So they motive to modify 1.4 speed offhanded clenched fist weapons to make them compete with a grapheme offhand. I don't think weapons that only suit one description should exist. If my memory's correct, disaster had exactly one epic mitt suasion for pve rogues, which was a random drop and not the optimum choice overall. Btw, sub rogues in hemo specification could use fists in theory, now that still-hunt is usable with all weapons.exactly..b4 there were all sorts of arm choices and they all had their ups and downs but at littlest you had a chance to determine wich ones you like and want.all ppl are exactly the pvp rogues-2 daggers all pve fight rogues mace obelisk and this is rly alike ppl are unlikely to play like this or dont do kosher dps in pve or dont burst effortful sufficiency in pvp. perhaps they will rising the regulating on transmo allowing you to form your 1h suasion look like any 1h artillery in the game, instead of entirely same the assonant variety of weapon. I don't see why they (the hunters) motive an exception.

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