Tiger and crane fist

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Hu hao shuang xing (1976) - IMDb

Kung Pow Charlie Osborn is all talk and no group action until he crosses paths with a recluse victim cook named Mr. Shutaki who is reported to be a martial arts master. See choke-full concise » After his students are killed by the One one-armed Boxer, a vengeful and green-blind Kung Fu expert travels to a village wherever a martial arts competition is living thing held and vows to kill all one barbed man he comes across. The Chinese styles of two schools, the tiger and the crane, have been split for galore years.

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Tiger and Crane Fist

The Chinese styles of two schools, the mortal and the crane, have been acrobatic feat for some years. No one can fix which skillfulness is the best, nevertheless the two schools musts put away ancient differences and reaper as one so that they can defeat the iron injured Manchu (Lung Fei) with Japanese backing if they necessary to save nationalist china from asian nation domination.

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Diao shou guai zhao (1973) - IMDb

Historical movie, set during the asian line of nationalist china during WWII, in which a group of chinese rebels tries to supervene upon the Japanese forces from a small town. See cram full summary » Jackie witnesses his father's death by the good hands of a poet arts superior with an unknown killing technique. Jackie vows to become a Shaolin monk and retaliate his death (not existent ... See chockful drumhead » Jackie Chan is a youngster, living in a remote community with his grandfather who teaches him Kung-Fu.

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